Design a gift that CSM can give to others, something that challenges the norms of corporate gifting, and embodies the spirit and identity of the College.


• Must be light and capable of efficient packing

• Must be something that the recipient wants to keep

• Unit price should be £10-£15 maximum (initial run of 200 items)





Being a college of Art and Design, Central Saint Martins is known in the world for its talented students and tutors. The project answers the brief combining the creativity of an abstract painting with the surprise arisen travelling the world.

Considering that the visitors who come to CSM travel a lot, a passport holder is a gift that is not only symbolic but also very functional.

The gift is a show of honour, respect and prestige and expresses the values of the university. Even if given to an institution, the person who receives the gift feels it personal, making it more difficult to be forgotten on a train or in a hotel room.

All the students are called to paint a huge painting, which will be cut into pieces to make the passport holders. Doing this each piece is unique in its way but it is still connected to the other pieces, like the students at CSM.

Every time the user visits a new country, he can peel it off the map and discover another piece of the painting lying underneath. This symbolises the curiosity that guides our students, the creativity that distinguishes the college and the multiculturalism that characterises CSM and make it unique in the world; exactly like the painting.

November 2015