Injection Design Contest 2012

by Uniteam


Company description

Uniteam is an Italian leader company in the field of design and construction of injection moulds for plastic materials and the engineering of process solutions mostly for the automotive sector.


What we are looking for

The “One Shot” technology developed by Uniteam Italy over the years consists in a single moulding phase that enables you to obtain objects composed by different materials, such as plastics, rubber and fabric, in a single moulding process, thus avoiding the use of several moulds and/or several assembling phases.


What we need

Explore new ideas and innovative solutions for accessories for the office.

The office environment and the way people work has changed: in the same way the objects they need and they use should change. Focus on designing something new, imagine original functions and shapes, rethink existing features.




eL is a modular element obtained by injection moulding. Its versatile shape allows different pieces to be interlocked together to create different objects for different purposes in the office environment.



Alessio Zucchi and Pierleone Loreti

may 2013